Pets allowed

A made to measure holiday paw

All the times that you try to leave for vacation, your dog looks at you with sweet eyes and low ears, as if to say: “take Me with you”? It is an agony to leave it alone, as we well know, and often it is difficult to find someone who can take care of him while you enjoy your holidays.

If you are our guest, you will not have to worry about: our hotel can accommodate both you, and your family, your beloved dog and small supplement of € 15 for final cleaning. Moreover, from our Hotel you can reach in ten minute walk in the park, equipped with fido park where they can play freely, and then rest both under the trees, in the cool and in the shade.

Beaches dog friendly

The Beaches, located in front of the Hotel Caesar, are dog friendly: you can share with him every moment of your day. This does not mean that your dog can run freely along the shoreline and between the umbrellas, but that will come with you since under the umbrella, in enclosed spaces or separated from the others. Each plant of the group “The Beaches”, also, can provide you with mats, beds, bowls for water and food, and for hot days, showers for rinfrescarli.

If you think you come on holiday with your dog, tell this immediately at the time of booking so we can best prepare for your stay and inform you about all the necessary information.

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